Our boys (in blue trousers) won
in the regional round in 2003.
ROZA PAPOYAN, Physical Training teacher and ARMEN MICKAELYAN, a parent with our schoolchildren before the competitions of the republican round, 2004.
The team of Lori before the parade of the National Assembly Cup republican competitions, 2005.
The principal's presents to the football
teams' winners of the town competitions.
Recently the Presidency of the
Eurasian Federation and the Presidency of the Armenian and Caucasian ''DZISSEN KEMPO'' fighting art Federation have thanked
ALVARD BABAYAN, Principal for having
such a good pupil as
who is the champion of Eurasia.
The student of the 9th grade
ARUSYAK SOKHAKYAN is the chess champion
of the town schoolchildren's championship.
9th grade.
teaching her friend to play chess.
The School Students' Committee with its small committees of education, discipline, aesthetics,
sports and protecting of student's rights is also an achievement. According to democratic
principles it is elected by the students' secret voting in the school conference. It helps and collaborates
with the Teachers' Committee and twice a year it organizes a self-governing day with a motto
''WE ARE THE OWNERS OF SCHOOL''. On that day the principal, the supervisor and the main
teachers are the members of the Students' Committee.
Here is one of the self-governing days at school.
The selection committee counting
the election results.
The election (conference) of the
School Students' Committee. Little TIGRAN
at the moment of voting.

Alaverdi ''Corner + 3''
TV company's correspondent
with the first voter

The newly elected head of the committee at the moment of giving
a certificate to ASYA MICHAELYAN
as a competition winner.
ANNA KHARATYAN, the Students'
Committee's newly elected head.
The staff of the Students' Committee
of the schoolyear 2005-2006.
EMIL AIBEKYAN, First Category Specialist advising
ANI KHARATYAN, 10th grade
student and supervisor.
HASMIK MARGARYAN, principal (deputy head of the Students' Committee, 10th grade) and SONA KHECHIKYAN, supervisor (a member of the Students' Committee, 9th grade) in the ptincipal's room beginning the self-governing day.
HIKE'S, 9th grade student's class
with 7th grade students as a main teacher. The theme: What to do meeting strange things.
ANNA KHARATYAN'S, Students' Committee Head's article
published in the 2nd issue of the newspaper
''MENK U MERONK'' on December 30, 2005

Our school is our home and we
have our governing body, the Students' Committee. The School Students' Committee is already four years old. I was the youngest member of the new formed committee, now
I am the Head of the committee.
During years I have come to conclusion that the committee is a very importand body. This is the place where the students express their opinion freely, get full answers to the questions that excite them, make their

decisions and present them to the administration. Once we discussed the question of the student exiling from school at the committee of protecting students' rights. And we made a decision that his punishment mustn't be his leaving, but only warning. We were very happy and excited when Mrs. BABAYAN, our principal agreed with it and took back her previous order saying '' Public voice is the
voice of God''. Students' Committee consists of several small committees: aesthetic, educational, ecological,
patriotic, the committee of discipline and etc. Among our achievements are some self-governing days spent with a title ''WE ARE THE OWNERS OF SCHOOL''. During subbotnics we prepare the classrooms for winter and refresh them for spring. For this schoolyear we've planned to spend a self-governing day
Today we go to school with pleasure knowing that the best conditions that are possible have been created here for students. We feel that school is our home.
Head of Students' Committee

Armenia School Connectivity Program is a program of the US Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs funded through the FREEDOM Support Act and implemented by Project Harmony.

February, 2006, School # 8,
Alaverdi, Armenia