Here is our school, our joyful and observent school. You can be informed of all the
school work, one by one, by the school principal, by the ICC (Internet Computer Center),
by the teachers and by all the members of the Students' Committee.
Welcome to our school and you'll find a good and hearty hospitality of Lori people.
And here is what you will know about us.
In 1961, when it was the 250th anniversay of Sayat-Nova, the 8th school of Alaverdi was founded in a part of the tovn called white Houses. The school was named after the great composer's name of Middle Ages.
VACHAGAN MATOSYAN was the 1st school principal and ARPIK KHECHOYAN was the supervisor.
At the beginning the school was in a part of the town called white Houses. In the schoolyear 1966-1967 the school was moved to SANAHIN SARAHART. At that time ARPIK KHECHOYAN was the principal and ASYA HARUTYUNYAN was the supervisor.
On the whole the school has been
distinguished with military-patriotic work.
The representatives of the pioneer host named
after GAI participated in all-republics
competition devoted to GAI'S 80th anniversary
held in ULYANOVSK and took 1st place.
the author of the book
(From the left) ALEXANDER DOUNAEVSKI, the author of the book ''A FTER THE STEPS OF GAI'', ARPIK KHECHOYAN, the school principal and other guests at school.
ALEXANDER DOUNAEVSKI, ANASTAS MIKOYAN, GLAKHO ZAKARYAN (GEVORG ZAKARJAN), talcnted singer of SAYAT-NOVA'S songs, VLADIMIR ABADJYAN, SUSANNA GABRIELYAN, LOUSIK KOSHYAN, ARAM MIRZOYAN (the hero of NOR - AYR'S novel ''ARAM'') and the military comissar MURADYAN have been among the school guests. The students of high school have had meetings with high-ranking militaries and have got
lessons of courage and honour in the school hall of bravery.
The school delegation at the
statue of GAI in SENGILEY,
in 1978.
Many graduates of the school named after SAYAT-NOVA are persons involved in the arts and science and experienced specialists of industry and agriculture.
The folloving people were the principals:
In 2002 the school won a grant $ 8000 by the SIP credit program sponsored by the WORLD BANK. And now the school has an aesthetic center and a classroom of computers. The aesthetic center has a children's choir ''KHATUTIK'', a theatre of song and a dance group.
In 2004 the school was supplied with Internet winning in the competition held by PROJECT HARMONY Armenian Office sponsored by the Bureau of Educational Affairs of the US State Department.
Withen the ''COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS'' program the principal has participated in the principals retraining program for a month held in IOWA, USA.
In 2005 the school participated in primary school program ''STEP BY STEP'' sponsored by the Armenian branch of the Assistance Foundation of Open Society Institute.
Since 2005 the school collaborates with the ''EDUCATION OUT OF BOUNDS'' Social Organization, participates in the program '' GIVING IMPORTANCE TO CHANGES IN GIVIC EDUCATION''. On December 1, 2005 the scientific - practical conference was held in the business center of the US University of Armenia, where the principal spoke about ''CIVIC EDUCATION IN PRIMARY SCHOOL'' and presented her project to create ''TIEZERK'' children's organization, which was received by EOB Social Organization.
Since 2006 the school realizes the ZANG Armenia Legal Socialization Program of PROJECT HARMONY.
Since 2004 the school collaborates with Peace Corps volunteers and realizes the programs of English language teaching and ecology.

Armenia School Connectivity Program is a program of the US Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs funded through the FREEDOM Support Act and implemented by Project Harmony.

February, 2006, School # 8,
Alaverdi, Armenia