Here is our school, our joyful and observent school. You can be informed of all the school work, one by one, by the school principal, by the ICC (Internet Computer Center), by the teachers and by all the members of the Students' Committee.
Welcome to our school and you'll find a good and hearty hospitality of Lori people. And here is what you will know about us.
In detail....
School Committee

Teachers' Committee

Students' Comittee

In detail....
ALVARD BABAYAN'S, principal's consultation with
HRIPSIME GHULYAN, supervisor, KARINE MASHINYAN, ICC monitor and MANUSH HOVAKIMYAN before the meeting of the Teachers' Committee.
After the conference of the Students' Committee of the academic year 2005-2006.
We are a small nation and it makes us love,
value, help and collaborate each other.
PROJECT HARMONY gives us that chance.
Thanks to it and good luck to us.
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The members of the ''FRIENDSHIP'' club in the ICC.
SARGIS, the student of the 6th grade
and ARTHUR, the student
of the 7th grade asking questions about comuter programs to
their teacher.
In 2002 the school collaborated with the SIP (Schools Improvement Program) financed by the World Bank;
In 2004 with PROJECT HARMONY Armenian Office financed by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the United States Stade Departament;

In 2004 with the USA Peace Corps;
In 2005 with the Armenian Branch of the Assistance Foundation of Open Society Institute;
In 2005 with the EOB (Education Out of Bounds)
Social Organization;
In 2004 with the Armenian Association of Women with University Education.
In 2002 with Vahagni XXI Social Organization.

In detail....
The students of the 2nd grade within the program ''Step by Step''.
The school participates in the ZANG Armenia Legal Socialization Program of PROJECT HARMONY.
RUSLAN MOSINYAN 'S, inspector's and ANNA KHECHIKYAN'S, the teacher's disscussion with the Police inspectors and the school principal.
The traditional school parties are
''LIVING DOLL'', ''WE ARE THE OWNERS OF SCHOOL'', the competition ''GIRLS, GIRLS'', the exhibitions ''WONDERFUL NOTEBOOKS'',
and of handicrafts held at the end of each year
and the meetings with the soliders of the
Great Patriotic and Artsakh Wars.
ANUSHIK, Miss Charm of
''LIVING DOLL'' show.
Parties are held in the school hall
of parties.
The school has had great sport achievements during the last years. The school football team is a champion of the regional football championship. SARGIS BOSHYAN is a ''DZISSEN KEMPO''
fighting art champion of Eurasia. The athletics team has won the 1st prize three times in the National Assembly Cup regional championship.
ARUSYAK SOKHAKYAN, 9th grade student
is a chess champion of the town chess competition. Among the achievcments are also the Students' Committee and the children's '' TIEZERK'
(Space) Organization.

In detail....

ARUSYAK SOKHAKYAN, 9th grade, the chess champion of the town chess competition among schoolchildren.
After the election of the School Students'
Committee.The correspondent's interview with TIGRAN, the
4th grade student, it's the
first time he votes.

November 30, 2005, the presentation
of the school newspaper
''MENK U MERONK'' (We and our people).

In detail....

During the presentation ceremony
the 1st page of the newspaper
''MENK U MERONK'' was also presented in the form of the celebratory cake.
The guests of the newspaper presentation ceremony are:
(from the left)

Our address: Sanahin Sarahart 3/10 A, Alaverdi

Email: alaverdi8@ac2k.am

Telephone:(374253) 3 12 51
This page was created in ICC with KARINE MASHINYAN'S initiative, ICC monitor
with the assistance of AREG MIKICHYAN, Regional Trainer.

Armenia School Connectivity Program is a program of the US Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs funded through the FREEDOM Support Act and implemented by
Project Harmony.

February, 2006, School # 8,
Alaverdi, Armenia