Dear schoolchildren, let the schoolyear 2005-2006 be a year of good progress,
self- government and collaboration. The world teads to globalization. We, having
a great diaspora and being spread all over the world, have a national priblem to solve. It's the world recognition of the genocide which has lasted long and will still continue. Each of us has someting to do to solve the national problem and it depends on our business, knowledge and human quality.
I greet warmly all the members of Armenia School Connectivity Program. I want to mention that in this century of collaboration public education must be realized on the national basis in favour of keeping of the national and humanist values. Therefore the schools' collaboration is more necessay for spreading of the best practice, for keeping and creation of traditions, for personal acquaintances and friendship. We are a small nation and it makes us love, value, help and collaborate each other. PROJECT HARMONY gives us that chance. Thanks to it and good luck to us!

Information Technology teacher,
ICC monitor and operator

I greet the process initiated by the Internet Computer Center. The School
Committee is ready to support the school as much as possible to organize the educational process. Internet gives an opportunity to collaborate not only on organizing educational process, but also on school directing.We'd like to know
about the activities of other school committees. Our committee helps to furnish the educational cabinets of school, gives textbooks and clothes to the children from
poor families. We are ready to collaborate with other school committees.
Chairperson of the School Committee.
School Administrator.
Administrator (Supervisor).
Military Training teacher
Primary school teachers ANUSH MUKUCHYAN, SATIK DAVTYAN and ARMENUHI KARAMYAN follow the program ''STEP BY STEP''.
Human Rights teacher,
The ZANG Program teacher
ANNA AVETYAN, Coordinator of the children's ''TIEZERK'' (Space)
Organization: she realizes civic
education in primary school.

The school has a Students' Committee, which was elected during the students' conference by a secret voting.
The committee has small committees of education, discipline, aesthetics, ecology, sport,
ombudsman of student's right, clubs ''VIEWPOINT'' and ''FRIENDSHIP''.
Our committee is 4 years old, but we received our constitution and laws only this year. According to democratic principles the committee staff was elected during the school conference. The grades' representatives elected the committee staff by a secret voting and I was elected as a head. This position demands it. I want to collabor ate with the students' committees of schools both of our town and other towns.
ANNA KHARATYAN, Head of the Students' Committee of the schoolyear 2005-2006.

Armenia School Connectivity Program is a program of the US Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs funded through the FREEDOM Support Act and implemented by Project Harmony.

February, 2006, School # 8,
Alaverdi, Armenia